Online Cancelleation and Charge Back

The online collection system page, which is created specifically for the companies, has a page which includes the cancellation and return conditions determined by the company.

The cancellation / return procedures of the customers following the possible faulty payments are carried out by a cancellation / return form in many companies. In the form, the company name, transaction date, card to which the card belongs, credit card number, number of installments, amount paid, number of transactions appearing in the system should be filled in. The completed form is signed by the customers' company representative and sent to the main company. The parent company sends the requested form to the bank and requests cancellation or cancellation. The bank shall process the request and return it to the credit card within a certain day. The main company is obliged to follow up whether the return is realized or not.

In return for the sale of services or products, companies can immediately cancel or refund their credit card receipts / receipts via online collection system. During this process, there is no need for bank, customer or mail, telephone or fax traffic. With the payment processing system,completation of cancellation or refund process is easy like one-click.