Payment System for Custom Domain

The online payment processing system, which is created exclusively for the companies, is a system that provides high security infrastructure, collection from dealers, subcontractors or customers.

In accordance with the request of the business is published with a suitable web address. Businesses usually request that the web address such as "".

payment infrastructure specially created for your business, virtual POS is integrated with all of the banks in Turkey. All payments made through the online collection system accumulate in the bank account associated with the entity's virtual pos. In addition, all payments made by customers are automatically processed to the customer accounts in the firm's ERP system. The workload of businesses in finance and accounting departments is also decreasing.

The business-specific online collection system allows businesses to create specific payment conditions for different customer groups. The entity may provide a low commission rate and excess installment to the customer group that is important for its trade. It can create different commission rate and installment opportunities for other customer groups.

Sistem üzerinden tüm müşterilerin kredi kartı ile yaptıkları ödemeler takip edilebilir, yapılan ödeme sonrası ödeme yapan müşteri ve ana firmaya ödeme dekontu otomatik olarak gönderilir, olası hatalı ödemeler anında iptal veya iade edilebilir.

Online payment processing system payment processing

payment system

payment system