Dealer Payment System

Pospratik allows manufacturers, wholesalers, main or intermediate distributors to get payment. With the Dealer Payment Processing System, sub-dealers can also receive payment from their customers by credit card.

Dealer paymetn collection system is created as a special payment page for companies. In addition, it can work integrated with ERP systems of companies. The payments received from the customers are automatically processed by the system to the current accounts in the ERP system.

Sub-Dealer Payment Collection System

sub-dealers under the dealers are recorded in relation to the payments made by their customers. With a single payment, the sub-dealer will pay the debts to the dealers and the dealers to the main company. Thus, the dealer does not have to pay any commissions due to the collection made by the sub-dealer.

The sub-dealers can collect credit cards from their customers via the sub-dealer collection system, if needed. The payment received is transferred to the parent company account.

The parent company may offer different payment options to its dealers or customers. Pospratik may offer installments to a group of dealers and may not offer installments to a different group of dealers, or reflect the credit card commission rates to a group of dealers and may not reflect commission rates to the other group of dealers. With the help of the online payment collection system, dealers have the option to pay by credit card.

In the dealer payment system, there is a limit of dealer-sub-dealer identification within the packages, but there is no restriction in the customer definition. Dealer and sub-dealer features can be used as Enterprise 1 and Enterprise 2 packages.