Frequently Asked Questions

What is PosPratik ?

It is the online system applied by small, medium and large scaled companies acting in different sectors and in which the payments can be received from the dealers, sub-dealers, corporate customers and consumers.

Is the system secure?

In PosPratik online collection system, 3D secure and 256 Bit SSL certificate are being used. Card information which is used during the payment process are sent by being encoded. With the verification code received by the customer’s mobile phone, the necessary approval is being taken thus the transaction may be completed. For this reason, it is not possible to receive payment from the customer’s card through this system except the customer’s information.

Shall pay any further apart from the annual fee?

Is there any fee or commission applicable per transaction ?  No. You will pay the annual fee only for one time. The packet price which is determined for the primary year will be able to be used as discounted for the renewals if you wish to continue to use the system in subsequent years. For detailed information, please apply the phone no. +90 850 840 8180 .

Shall the cash paid by the customer be transferred into the account rapidly ?

PosPratik does not keep the information received in a pool. The cash shall be transferred into your account within a specific period according to the deal which is made with your bank .

Are customer card data being preserved ? Is it possible to deduct any amount by this system without the customer’s information?

No. Card data are not preserved. As the payment is made upon the approval code which is transmitted to the customer as a message, no payment is probable to be received without the customer’s approval in this system.

What do I need to use this system ?

You need at least one visual POS machine. Your further needs will be covered by us.

Shall I pay to the bank further?

Visual POS machine is necessary for receiving cash through Pospratik. Visual POS fee s may differ from bank to bank. Some banks do not receive visual POS fee. Please apply your bank for detailed information on Visual POS fees.

Can I make collection from any number of the customers without any limitation? Should I pay further for this application?

Yes you can, naturally. No limitation exists over the cash collection through PosPratik system . No additional payment shall be made .

Is the system compatible with my bank ?

PosPratik is operable with all banks in Turkey .

Can I use it also over the telephone or tablet ? Should I install a further application ?

It is considerably week for non-transmission of the messages . You can reach status reports regarding the message transmissions .

Can I assure that my message is received by the customer ? Is there any probability of failure of messages?

 It is considerably week for non-transmission of the messages . You can reach status reports regarding the message transmissions .

Is it possible to provide integration with the ERP system which we are using ?

Yes we have ERP integrations. You can reach us from the telephone no. 0850 840 8180 to check whether the ERP system is compatible or not.

Can I cancel or return the wrong payments made by the customers from the system?

You can cancel or return the transactions made by the customers in that day. Moreover, you can do it without contacting the bank.