Credit Card Payment System for Online Collection

The credit card online collection system is an e-payment collection system that allows customers to make credit card payments in return for a product or service.

It is possible to get payment for the sold product or service by credit card in three ways: physical pos device, mail order and virtual pos.

Fiziksel pos cihazı; Müşterinin yanında olmadan tahsilat yapamayacağınız bu yöntemde, müşteri ya sizin firmanıza gelecek ya da siz müşteriyi tahsilat için ziyaret edeceksiniz. Ayrıca müşteri ziyaretinde müşterinin mevcut kredi kartına sizin yanınızda taşıdığınız pos cihazında taksit imkanı vermeyebilir veya aynı anda birden fazla personelinizin tahsilat için sahaya çıksı gerekebilir. Bu olumsuzluklar tahsilat imkanını azaltabilir.

Physical pos device; In this method , the customer sould be came to your company or you need to visit the customer for payment collection. In addition, during the customer's visit, the customer's may not have avaible limit for pos process or pos device cannot accept for installment for the customers card type. Sometimes more than one of your staff may need to leave for the collection at the same time. These drawbacks can reduce the possibility of collection.

Mail Order; Many credit card owners do not want to share their card information with another company because of security concerns. Therefore, there is a risk that no collection will be made at the expected times.

Sanal Pos; Your customers do not need to be on hand to collect payments. You don't even need to spend an effort on getting paid. Without any restriction of day and time, customers can make payments via credit cards, on computers, phones or tablets that is connected to the Internet. Moreover, credit cards iformations are not shared with anyone and with the approval of 3D security.

PosPratik Online Payment Collection System. Virtual POS belongs to all banks operating in Turkey, is integrated with PosPratik. Once your customers have completed the payment process, the payment information document is automatically sent to the email addresses by the system.

It automatically transfers the payment records received from your credit card payment system that was installed for your company to the client accounts in the existing ERP system. In this way, the financial and accounting department of your company prevents to examines the reports from the banks one by one. And This prevents possible errors during the entering payment recorrds to customer accounts.