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Easily Connect to Your Business

Pospratik involves powerful and firm integration solutions which provide opportunity for the execution of the basic operations performed by the various departments of the enterprises such as finance, operation, sales and other departments.

With the integrated application solutions which are ready for different core systems and without requiring any development thereof, you may enable your erp, accounting and sales systems to talk with PosPratik.

development kits

Mobile Solutions

Give your customers who are using different mobile platforms

Pospratik, provides the developers fast, elegant and secure tools so that they could accept the payments. If you are looking for mobile solution or you are expanding the scope of your mobile web applications; Pospratik serves you a solution to meet your business requirements.

You may begin to receive payment instantly with the Pospratik payment page which will be placed into your mobil web site or mobile application.

get desicion easyly via payment collection system

Payment collection system is practical.

You can get result easyly via payment collection system.
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Bring Your Cusstomer Data Easyly

Do not re-enter, use the connections.

Naturally, your customers data may take place in the various systems within the scope of the enterprise.

Use API connection solutions within the scope of application development kits which are offered by Pospratik, define your customers within Pospratik in a single action, and update it when you wish to do.

As a matter of fact, not only your customers, but you are able to equalize all your data from customer accounts.