Churn Management

Consider your Charge Backs, increase your revenue

To maximize your income, make the reminders active, minimize the oblivions and rejections. Did you know that the enterprises are losing 12% of their income due to rejections of credit card? Minimize your losses with Pospratik decrease and conversion management solutions and unlock the development.

Pospratik’s capability of correction and trial with success avoids loss of income, effects your collections in positive manner and increases your rate of keeping your customers. In addition, Pospratik's automatic identity determination process sends warnings to your customers in case of any payment problem and provide them to make necessary corrections by themselves. Ready your blog regarding the minimization of the impacts of the rejected transactions.

charegback prevention by payment collection system
protect your revenue by payment collection system

Customer Lifecycle Management

Automizes the customer communication

It sends information regarding the transactions performed by your customers and provide them to receive the necessary data and information so that thry could realize and understand the transactions they completed. From your payment demands up to collection receipts, in various documents, it is a communication factor between you and your customers. From time to time, it sends to your collection system users the e mails which are automatically created by the e- collection system according to your preferences.This communication may be either used for information purpose or for the communication of necessary documents rapidly and efficiently. Polite e-mails which you will design may be privatized so as to reflect the voice of your brand name.

Fraud Management

Protect your business and your profits

Pospratik Fraud Management provides the capability of determination of the fraud transactions automatically in the enterprises and provides the solution in tis respect. Enterprises minimize charge-backs in e- collection process with 3D Secure and protect their profits and prevent probable losses.

think fast via payment collection system.

decide easy via payment collection system.

payment collecion system is pratical.

New generation payment collection system.
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