PCI Compatibility

First Class Security

You payment system is required to be compatible with PCI so as to assure that you virtual POS are firm and operating in a healthy environment, and Pospratik supports you to meet these requirements. Pospratik serves with PCI-DSS Level 1 compatible servers which has the highest level of security. Card owner’s data are sent to the banks directly over Pospratik E-Collection System to minimize the risk at your enterprise. It meets industrial security necessities so as to protect you and your customers.

pci compability servers

User Roles and Permissions

User’s Roles and Permissions

Pospratik provides the necessary access levels so that an user may accomplish its role, it alleviates security risks and supports the accordance with the company policies. As we realized that every user in your corporation needs to access into different functions with different levels according to the their duties, we created five different permit group support which has access with different levels. These five permit groups are : Those who claim for collection, Reports, System Settings , Integrations and Restructuring , Managers

Read our blogs for the user’s roles and permissions.

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Data Portability

You customer data belong to you

Provide your work sustainability and scalability with your entire portable credit card and credit card transaction result data. Pospratik keeps your credit card data in another PCI- certificate server in line with your preferences and deliver it to you upon your request. Unlike some cloud data processing service servers, Pospratik is decisive for data portability. What is important for our customers is also important for us.

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Practic credit card payment system.