Payment Options

Offer Your Customers Different Payment Options

Your customers may choose any procedure for making their payments. With PosPratik, you may offer single payment, installment- payment and repeated payment options and accept the payments accordingly. You may manage the flow of your earning by a single system and you may get focused on increasing your sales.

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Ödeme Programları

Use the payment software and be the one preferred.

Begin to receiving payment with Pospratik easily. We support tens of payment programs and infrastructures. You can easily connect your customer accounts to Pospratik and initiate fast collection. See which payment programs are being provided by us , see certainly our user’s manual about how you will connect your customer accounts

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Integration Infrastructures

Increase The Power of Your Enterprise

To increase efficiency, to reduce operating cost and to provide a more satisfactory customer experience with our integration; Pospratik, we are cooperating with the leading brand names of the sector. We are providing integration to CRM, accounting and other core business management tools and we are providing a wide range of support.

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