Payment Via Credit Card

Offer payment options to your customers

Collection with the credit card ; you may make collections from your customers either with single payment or installment payments. Pospratik E- collection system, with its smart POS direction system, provides the transactions to be performed in correct POS channel every time.

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payment processing system is practical.

one slip payment
installment payment
recurring payment
payment collection responsive design

Responsive Design

It provides the collection opportunity over the mobile devices having internet connection with its mobile structure which is called ; “responsive design”. Pospratik e-collection system provides either telephone or tablet use with its mobile device compatibility.

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Dealer Á Sub-Dealer Payment Collection

You may provide advantage to your customers with single payment or installment payment choices of the credit card.

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payment system dealers
credşt card recurring

Cancellation - Charge Back

E-collection system’s transaction facility for cancellation/ return ; you may cancel or return immediately the wrong payments made by your customers without requiring to contact the bank.

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As a result of the payment made over the E-collection system; the payment receipt is being sent to the dealer, who makes the payment, the sub-dealer and the company which makes the collection.

credit card notifications
payment system for custom domains

Custom Domains

It can be formed so as to include the company name in line with companies’ claims. ""/"". You may reach the graphical reports, abstract information,colleciton and POS reports and further detailed information in the company management panel.

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Installment via Credit Card

Pospratik; in order to increase the productivity, to reduce the operating costs and to introduce a more satisfactory customer experiences with our integrations, cooperates with the leading brand names of the sector and provides integration with CRM, accounting and other business management tools and support you with a wide range of products .

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payment system security


It is capable of operating integrated with all bank visual POS machines in Turkey. * All payments are made through 256 Bit SSL encoding, 3D secure. * When collection is made, its transmission into the integration related ERP system shall be provided .

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