Payment Gateway and Bank Integrations

PosPratik online collection system operates integrated with the visual POS systems of the entire banks in Turkey. It is an e-collection system which enables single payment or installment payment opportunity with the credit card.

Systems that provide credit card payment from the Internet are called e-collection system. Virtual POS systems are used for online collection of electronic commerce and collection companies.

Virtual pos and payment gateway solutions

A virtual POS application is made to the bank with the special payment page. The Bank requests the web address, username and password related to the e-collection system. After sharing the business information, the bank performs the necessary inspections. Among the examination criteria, the service contract in the payment system, the cancellation / return conditions, the existence of the SSL certificate are checked and if the conditions are met, the company is given approval to use the virtual pos. entered into the virtual pos information payment system of the business given by the bank and began to be used.

Virtual Pos Solutions Virtual Pos Solution can work with their own virtual pos, or "share" alternative payment systems.

Fast Payment Collection SystemQuick Debit System "Pospratik" has infrastructure that is compatible with all credit cards.

sanal pos bağlantı

Easy Connect

Pospratik is integrated with national payment infrastructures.

sanal pos bağlantı değiştir

Change When You Want

It establishes a connection with required number of POS machines having necessary properties according to your work.

sanal pos yönlendir

Smart Routing

It directs the customer payments to the visual POS machines within your own rules.

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akbank virtual pos
aktifbank virtual pos
albaraka virtual pos
anadolubank virtual pos
burganbank virtual pos
citibank virtual pos
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hsbc virtual pos
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Sanal Pos'lara mı ihtiyacınız var?

payment gateway - payment collection system

Pospratik has been exclusively designed for you collection processes.

Easy Setup With Pospratik
No installation is necessary by your dealers.

No Commission Rate
Get only service from Pospratik. Do not pay commissions with higher rates for your work which has higher turnover.

Credit Card Inspection Mechanism
It is Postpratik’s function to avoid wrong credit card transactions. It provides your credit cards to be used within the scope of correct POS machines.