PosPratik Enterprise Packages Features

The PosPratik is an E-Payment Collection system designed to enable businesses to receive payments quickly and reliably.

payment system is a practical

fast payment system .

easy to use payment collection system.

You can get one time payment with credit cards from all customers and dealers. Visa, Master, Troy and American Express cards can be used. And only one virtual pos will be enough to receive payment.

Enterprise 16.000 TL

Enterprise 210.000 TL

Basic Features Payment via Credit Card
Installment via Credit Card
Online Cancellation/Charge Back
Mobile Design
Payment via SMS
Payment via E-mail
Payment without membership
Payment Options definition for customer groups
Different Payment Sets
Currency Exchanged Payment Optional
Payment via Different Curriencies (USD, EUR) Opsiyonel
Cheque and Cash Payment Record Optional Optional
Multilanguage Support Optional
Dealer, Sub-Dealer 200 500
Integration ERP Integration - Customers Opsiyonel Opsiyonel
ERP Integraation - All Data Opsiyonel Opsiyonel
Reports All Transactions
Report export
Reports Advanced Advanced
Others User Count Unlimited Unlimited
User Authorization
Virtual Pos Count Unlimited Unlimited
3D secure
Security 256 Bit SSL 256 Bit SSL
+90 (850) 840-8180