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The rapid collection system

developed by using current technologies is a competent e-collection system. The payments to be received through the e-collection system are transferred to the business account on the agreed payment days with the banks.

Rapid Payment Collection System

The e-collection system, which is also used to receive regular payments from dealers and sub-dealers , provides the convenience of payment to customers due to the fact that the mobile device is compatible. Customers can log into the system and make payments with the 3D security infrastructure by using the user name and the passwords they have given to them via their smart phones.

Import companies can also use the e-collection system. With the possibility of collecting foreign currency, dollar and euro currencies can be collected.


it is a cloud platform service that "provides a wide variety of Internet services that can be consumed" from both open environment environments and the Internet (even if the platform is not ready for the open environment) [1].

Rapid payment colleciton system is easy.
SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It is possible to store terabytes of data with sql server.
Rapid payment collection system is a practical.
Microsoft Sql
Micrososft Framework
The .NET Framework is a code execution platform for Windows that provides its own applications for running on a variety of services. While providing code libraries for developers to develop effective applications, they are a safe environment for the operation of developed applications.

Bootstrap is an open source and free CSS framework developed for Front-End Developer. With Bootstrap, we can develop web sites that are compatible with desktops, tablets, mobile devices and all browsers.


Jquery is a JavaScript library that provides Web interaction for managing HTML documents, creating animations, and creating more effective, faster and more jobs with less code used in creating interactive Web pages. Jquery is a JavaScript Framework. The biggest advantage of Jquery is that it works consistently in all browsers. Therefore, we can use it with peace of mind in our projects.